Several proposals tailored to entertain children. During our tour it will be possible to eat an ice-cream, or visit the Market to taste cookies.

Keep your eyes opened! In the city of the iris looking for heroes, monsters, lions, snakes and wild-boars!

The garden of the king. Put on comfortable shoes and let’s go to the Boboli Gardens. Magic grottoes, dwarfs, winged horses and many other curious things are waiting to be discovered!

Palazzo Davanzati. How did they use to live in the fifteenth century? How did they use to get water at home? What were the bathrooms like? Which games did children use to play? We will answer to these questions visiting a real home of the past.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Florence Museum. We will learn about Leonardo universal genius through his inventions. In this museum the machines are reproduced full-scale according to the sketches that we find in his manuscripts: war machines, civil engineering machines, but above all the amazing flying machines. In this museum it is forbidden not to touch!

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